Monday, December 15, 2008

The Indian Screenwriters Conference 2008.

The weekend of December 13th and 14th I was an active participant at the second Indian Screenwriters Conference.

To be honest, I finally came face to face with an Indian screenwriter and know that he/she isn't a rare species, caged by a "ringmaster" producer in a sweatshop, but is a rather astute and intelligent person who finally wants his/her due and is happy to be recognised for his/her writing and writing only.

Sure, there were celebrities, celebrity writers and press hounds, but for the fledgling screen-writer of hindi cinema, and I'm one too, it is very heartening to finally realise the support of an entire community who for the first time in fifty years have finalised a healthy, brilliant and extremely encouraging contract, which might see the light of day.

I'll have more on the event in the coming days.

In the meantime, my readers might realise the change in my blog format and style. I switched over to a better blog host, rather than my web host and hopefully will make this a comfortable nest for future talks with my visitors.

As always, I look forward to comments and suggestions.