Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fifteen minutes, and then some!

Okay, I'll confess. The New Year actually caught up to me, stuck it's tongue out and passed me, while I was writing a flat year's end article for the blog.

It also doesn't befit the title of a blog that promises to deliver film knowledge in brevity, to be tardy in executing such promises.

Rest assured my new readers and the lone rodent manning the hamster wheel in my head, I'm actually working on a few ideas to go about this process of delivering content, that might set it apart from similar veins of thought pondered upon by individuals more adept at this, than I am.

All I ask is a tiny bit of patience and wish you a peaceful and auspicious New Year.


  1. I'll never let you live this down. I hope you hang your head in shame with the injustices you caused by disallowing me to fulfill my prophecy as your protege.

    So, HA!

  2. I never disallowed you.

    It was a simple test. The first rule of a sensei-protege relationship is the initial reluctance-persistence test.

    Master Yoda and Star Wars didn't teach you anything my young filmtrinsic Padwan.